New for this year is a post-conference follow up service provided by East West Marketing Group ($595).   Limited availability, first-come first serve.  The follow up service will include the following:

  • Email:  Supplier will draft follow up email in English for each prospective buyer based on their AAC meeting notes. EWM will assist to translate the email copy into Chinese and send to respective buyers on behalf of suppliers. EWM will also help to translate buyer replies into English and relay to supplier. EWM will send up to 20 follow up emails to buyers.
  • Phone:  Subsequent to sending emails to each buyer, EWM will make phone calls to each prospective buyer to further follow up by phone. EWM will report discussions with suppliers and encourage buyers to correspond directly. One phone call to each of the prospective buyers will be made.
  • Service Period:  All follow up actions must be completed within 45 days.

More information to follow on how to provide the information for the follow up service.