November 1-3, 2023
San Francisco

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Unlock the Chinese Travel Market, Effortlessly 

Why Attend?

China has the highest protential of any inbound tourism market to North America. Active America China, making its highly anticipated return in 2023, is the only show in North America 100% dedicated to building inbound Chinese tourism. Tour operators who previously attended Active America China were from companies that were responsible for more than 40% of all tourism to North America.

What to Expect:

  • Presentations about the current state of the Chinese inbound market, including projections for future growth
  • Clarifies how the Chinese outbound tourism market works
  • Best-practice tips on marketing to Chinese travelers
  • Complimentary interpreters for all one-on-one marketplace meetings

How to Prepare:

  • We strongly recommend having any hand-outs/collateral materials for the one-on-one appointments translated into Mandarin/Simplified Chinese.
  • The Chinese are coming as buyers and they want to know pricing, packages, rates, etc. As much data that includes prices and discounts and outlines the benefits and costs and contract details – terms etc, is best. The Chinese are VERY bottom line focused, they will do business with you if they feel they are getting the best deal and they can make money from selling your product – simple.
  • Regarding collateral, print is good, but digital is best. We recommend a combination, some basic material in print, because it is useful during the meeting, but as much as possible on electronic is VERY useful, because it is easier for them to distribute and use later. In many cases their USA departments will have many sales people, and distributing electronic material, data, files, photos, etc, is much easier.
  • Make sure the on-site information package is in a presentation folder. Over-all visual impressions are important to the Chinese; they will initially be more impressed by the appearance than the “meat”.
  • Gifts are always great. Something that is special and unique for the company, property or destination, something that they can take home easily, so not too big, but gifts are always appreciated and are part of the greeting and good-bye portions of the meetings.

For information and guidelines on business etiquette in China, please email us here.