March 25 - 27, 2018
Hilton Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

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Supplier Key Dates & Info

Active America China is a boutique networking conference focused specifically on the inbound Tour & Travel Chinese Market. The two-day conference features half a day of educational sessions as well as one and half days of one-on-one marketplace meetings. This page will provide you with information on how to prepare and get the most out of Active America China. If you have any additional questions we are always happy to help,


We are partnering with East West Marketing Group in Shanghai to recruit top buyers from mainland China.   Every buyer is pre-screened, invitation based only.    We also invite a small group of qualified receptive tour operators based in the US and Canada.


One of the main obstacles at Active America China is the language barrier.   To address this, we offer three translator options for suppliers who do not speak Mandarin:

1. Pool of Complimentary Translators. Utilize our pool of complimentary translators who will be available to sit in as necessary whenever a language barrier is present during the one-on-one appointments.      These translators are available as part of your registration fee and there is no additional charge.

2. Dedicated Translator: Cost $600. Sign up for a “dedicated translator” that will be assigned to you for the duration of the one-on-one meetings.   You will be able to prepare and communicate with your translator prior to the meetings so they will have more knowledge of your specific product  will be better prepared to translate than someone who is interpreting on the spotSubject to sell out, limited slots, first-come-first served.    Please contact us at if you are interested in this option.

3. Bring Own Translator: Cost $200.   If you want to bring your own translator he/she will receive a “translator badge” and will be able to attend the one-on-one appointments (meal functions or other conference sessions are not included with a translator badge).    Please contact us at  if you are interested in this option.

Appointment Platform Profile:  Company Description in Mandarin + Image + Headshot + Video Link

Prior to the appointment pre-scheduling we will grant access to the appointment platform so that you may view/enter/update your profile information.    Any information from last year will be transferred onto your current record.    On  your profile you may include:

Company Description in Chinese:  We ask that all registered suppliers submit a company description in Chinese (Mandarin/Simplified Chinese).  Please also include the description in English with your submission. The description should be approximately 50-words in English (1 paragraph). Please e-mail your description to  Deadline:  Feb. 12, 2018. If you need help with translations, you may contact us for referrals.

Signature Image + Headshot + Video Link:   Once you have access to the appointment platform, you will be able to post one signature photo,  one video link (the video has to be hosted on a platform such as Vimeo or YouTube) and your headshot.  


Appointment Scheduling & One-on-One Appointments

The one-on-one appointments will take place after lunch on March 26 and all day March 27. The tour operators will be seated at tables and suppliers will move around to meet with them.    Buyers & suppliers will be able to request appointments in advance. The appointment pre-request information, including your login credentials for the appointment platform and instructions on how to submit your requests,  will be sent to you on March 8 (you will have until March 19 to submit your requests). You will be able to schedule additional appointments – over and above any pre-scheduled appointments –  during an on-site “fill-in” session on March 26.    Your total number of appointments will depend on how many buyer requests you received, but on average, suppliers will have 16-18 appointments.

Preparing for Active America China

1. We strongly recommend having any hand-outs/collateral materials for the one-on-one appointments translated into Mandarin/Simplified Chinese.

2. The Chinese are coming as buyers and they want to know pricing, packages, rates, etc. As much data that includes prices and discounts and outlines the benefits and costs and contract details – terms etc, is best. The Chinese are VERY bottom line focused, they will do business with you if they feel they are getting the best deal and they can make money from selling your product – simple.

3. Regarding collateral, print is good, but digital is best. We recommend a combination, some basic material in print, because it is useful during the meeting, but as much as possible on DVD or electronic is VERY useful, because it is easier for them to distribute and use later. In many cases their USA departments will have many sales people, and distributing electronic material, data, files, photos, etc, is much easier.

4. Make sure the on-site information package is in a presentation folder. Over-all visual impressions are important to the Chinese; they will initially be more impressed by the appearance than the “meat”.

5. Gifts are always great. Something that is special and unique for the company, property or destination, something that they can take home easily, so not too big, but gifts are always appreciated and are part of the greeting and good-bye portions of the meetings.

For information and  guidelines on business etiquette in China, please email us at


Is this your first Active America China? Are you new to the Chinese Market?  Don’t be intimidated, we are here to help and walk you through the process and flow of events. We may also be able to refer you to some other suppliers that have attended in  the past who can give you  “inside tips” and advise. Just email us at  

Key Dates:

  • Present: Supplier online registration.
  • Feb. 12: Company descriptions in Mandarin & appointment profile upgrades due.
  • March 1: Room block cut-off date at Hilton Atlanta
  • March 8: Appointment pre-request window opens.  Information on how to pre-request appointments will be emailed on this day.
  • March 19: Appointment pre-request window closes at midnight PST.
  • March 20: Appointment schedules are generated.
  • March 21: Appointment schedules will be ready to view.
  • March 23: 5-Minute Supplier Presentations due (only for those that signed up and paid for this)
  • March 25: Official supplier arrival day in Atlanta.  Opening AAC reception.
  • March 26: Presentations and one-on-one marketplace meetings.
  • March 27:  One-on-one marketplace meetings.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Active America China offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring Active America China 2018 or opportunities at future shows, please email us at